1. Do you install deadbolt locks?

Yes, we install deadbolt locks on wood and metal doors, commercial and residential.

3. Someone has a key to my house or apartment that should not, can you rekey or change the keys so that their key will no longer open my house locks?

Yes, we will come to you house or apartment, and rekey the locks so that only the new keys we make will unlock your house. The old keys will no longer work.

4. I lost the keys to my car – truck – or motorcycle, can you make a new set of keys?

Yes… however if your car or vehicle uses a transponder style key (a key with a computer chip in the head of the key) we do not have equipment to “program the keys”. If your vehicle DOES NOT use a transponder style key, then yes, we can in most cases, make keys to your car.

5. Do you open and repair locked safes, and can you change the combinations on safes with mechanical dials or digital locks?

Yes…we provide service for drilling and opening locked safes, repairing safes, and changing of combinations on safes with mechanical dials or digital combination locks.

6. My key broke off in my lock. Can you get the broken piece out?

Yes. Sometimes though, the customer will attempt to remove the broken piece of key using pliers, screwdrivers, ice picks tweezers, etc and disfigure the face of the lock and or the wafers or pins in the lock. This can make it considerably more difficult for the locksmith to remove the broken piece of key.

7. Where is Coastal Locksmith located?

We are not a “walk-in” style business, we are service call oriented and completely mobile. Our business comes to you!

8. Do you provide 24-hour service?

No. We are open 8:30 to 5:30 Monday thru Saturday.

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